Wowsers! Things are HAPPENING!!!

[By 'eck! - image reblogged from}
[By 'eck! - image reblogged from]
  My oh my!  There really are a lot of exciting things going on all of a sudden!
  First up we have the major ground-breaking achievement of TGBCH breaking the FOUR THOUSAND SUSCRIPTIONS barrier on YouTube!!!!  Now THAT is proper impressive :)  And the whole thing has come about because we have so many people working as a team.  This part is so vitally important and it is precisely how we must continue.  Together we will prosper and succeed both as a unit AND as individuals.  And evidence of this?  Well, I’ll give you a clue….. It has a ‘four’ at the start and three lower digits after that.  Let us all remember how we reached this lofty height :)
  Next we have the business of the American Invasion!  Yes, now we have friends from overseas on-board.  And a very jolly big welcome to them too!  The Great British Coin Hunt just diversified in yet another way and we have some excellent new American CJs to check.  They are sometimes proper badass too - complete with cuss-words, ciggies and Jason Vorhees fright masks.  Loving every minute guys.  Very, very entertaining as well as genuinely informative :)
  Oh….. and we also have some pretty concrete inside info on 2020 coin releases.  In fact, this was being shared and discussed in the TGBCH family DAYS before certain larger organisations had even said a dicky bird……  Keep an eye on our FB page for further developments ;)
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  • Thank you Matt! Glad you are enjoying them :D

    Mik Smith
  • Just love your blogs Mik, seriously well done 😁

    Matthew Ross

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