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  Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn.
  Here is some more ‘exciting news’ I saw whilst reading the Change Checker blog.  If you ever want ‘exciting news’ then this really does seem to be the best place to find it; virtually every post seems to have ‘exciting news’…..  Perhaps if Mik’s Blog was constructed in the same way it would attract even more readers.  Hmmm worth considering……
  Anyhow, what I read didn’t come across as particularly ‘exciting’ to me.  I would also go as far as saying it needn’t have come under the heading of ‘news’.  And that’s because anyone with an ounce of grey matter can pretty much pre-empt what The Royal Mint are going to do next; probably around eighty percent of the time at least.
  So, brace yourselves everyone because here it comes (and to honour the Change Checker blog I shall give you this tasty numismatic morsel in their very own style of writing) -
Due to last years’ overwhelming success of The Snowman coin, a second fifty pence featuring the character will be released later this year.  The first Snowman proved to be enormously popular with collectors so we are expecting this new coin to sell out fast.
  (Yay!  I’m quite chuffed with myself for that.  I wonder if they have any vacancies over there?  Or if they would want me….)
  I shall stop being quite so sarcastic now and get to the point.  Basically I am saying that the announcement of a new Snowman coin isn’t really ‘exciting’ at all.  However, I do have some other words that I think are more suitable (along with my reasons for using them) –
The Royal Mint are releasing more new coins now than at any other point in human history.  Is it only me who has noticed this????  Oh, and guess what…. the majority of these are ‘purchase only’!  It would actually be a really clever way of raking it in if it wasn’t quite so glaringly obvious.  ‘Blatant’ is another word that springs to mind…..
Every time Change Checker start spouting on about ‘exciting news’ it will now immediately send a shudder down the spine of most collectors.  !BECAUSE THIS IS ALL GETTING SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE!  Perhaps if we had the chance of finding any of these new coins in our change then it actually would be ‘exciting’.  But we don’t because the vast majority of new coins have to be paid for.  And it soon mounts up.
Does no-one at The Royal Mint actually have an imagination anymore???
‘Let’s release a new fifty pence.  I know, we’ll put a children’s character on it!’
Genius!  Who’d have ever thought of doing something so thoroughly original?
(This anti-sarcasm thing isn’t going so well….)
Seriously, designs on new coins are getting a rather humdrum, samey, much of a muchness.  And the quality of artwork has dipped as well.  Some modern commemoratives are utter pants as far as I am concerned.  I feel I have the right to make that judgement as I myself am an artist.  To me this suggests they are churning them out as quickly as possible. 
Money, money, money!
The Royal Mint have become uncannily similar to modern Hollywood whereas they are essentially only using a couple of different formulas–
Classic Movie > ‘Re-load’ = Rubbish Remake
CGI’s > Big Name Voiceovers = Billionth Computer Animated Kids’ Movie
Yup, it’s actually very boring when you stand back and take a look.
  And that is why I am not in any way ‘excited’ about the new Snowman coin.  It is only my opinion and you don’t have to agree.
  Don’t trip over my sarcasm or cynicism on your way out.
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  • Ron, you are so on the button. They have us all by the short and curlies :(
    And well they know it!

    Mik Smith
  • unfortunately to ardent coin collectors new coins have the effect of a drug, once they are released you must have it, the RM know this and the keep flooding the the market with all sorts of junk, and we keep falling into the trap

    ron beynon
  • I think RM are so low on ideas AND originality that the snowball suggestion is worth sending in to them.
    They may even give you a (very small) cut if they end up releasing some such thing (as a ‘purchase only’ item of course).
    Thank you for the comments and thoughts Ron and Roger – very much appreciated :)

    Mik Smith
  • It would appear that the RM lack any sort of originality

    ron beynon
  • Well, fo complement your possible purchase of yet another Snowman, how about a Snowball? Well, not a REAL Snowball, but if ya were to take a commemorative set of reminted oldies, then take yet another set of reminted oldies, and create and add yet another variation on a coin you minted as a copy last week…spiced it up with a couple of random Territories coins and a couple of Real Old Biggies from the RM ’s Biggest ever mintage back in the day, just like we used to do with the silver threepenny bits in the Xmas Pud, then I reckon we have a Snowball….or RM does…… I think it high time to remint their brains….
    Roger Charlesworth

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