2019 50p Coin  Leaving The European Union Advance Order

2019 50p Coin Leaving The European Union Advance Order

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As usual we don’t know when it will be, we just know it’s coming, you get them at this great price because you pay first and wait for delivery. We guarantee the delivery even if it turns out to be a rare one. Just remember we wait for them to be released to the Banks and Post Offices.

 We send out updates regularly and the moment we receive them you’ll be the first to know.  Here is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4O9BCqxyxQ

If for any reason your not getting our updates already, or you don’t get an update within a fortnight of buying from us, then they are either going to your junk/spam folder or you already unsubscribed. The link below will link you to all the previous updates and also gives you a sign up link (in case you unsubscribed but now want the updates)



Please note If you want to cancel your order before the coins hit general circulation you will not be refunded, instead your rewards account will be credited to the full value of the coins in points.