TGBCH Raffles

Because it was so popular we have decided to do one to suit each pocket

Please do note, whilst we can’t stop anyone paying for a ticket with cash, we have designed these raffles for a bit of fun and for people to use their reward points and maybe get something nice, these Raffles are not about wanting to milk cash in any way, they are designed to milk the points and draw the points in from all over and redistribute to a winner

I will post regular videos at


Remember you can get as many free reward points as you can handle by sharing our pages and so on, just go to your Rewards account. You will find your Rewards account by clicking on the black tab which should be around the bottom middle to right of your screen when you are on any page on our site, it says ‘Rewards’ on the tab. Click there, you can’t break anything, have a look at how you can earn free points then get a raffle ticket with those points and maybe get a massive free parcel of goodies!

If I should happen to see anyone is continually paying cash and if in my opinion, I think its a bit too much I will be contacting that person to make sure everything is ok. There is gambling for a bit of fun and there is seriously addictive stuff, none of us want you addicted in any kind of negative way, as they say gamble responsibly and preferably use your points.

If you would like to buy outright the contents of a Raffle either with cash or points please contact John at:

This video explains how it all works and what the rules are 

This video shows what is in the first few £500 Parcels