9x Non Released Coins For £99 Comes With Cast Iron Guarantee

Regular price £99.00

9x Non Released Coins For £99

You will receive a Mystery Selection that could be all different or all the same, depending on what is available on the day we package and post.

The only thing we will guarantee contents wise is that for the first 100 customers, one of them will be a Jane Austen 2017 £2 or a Aviation 2017 £2 (and yes I class them as non released coins even though they had 1,860 and 400 respectively put into circulation)

Expect the price of this listing to go up as time goes on and coins increase in value

Comes With A Cast Iron Guarantee

If in ten years (and I am still alive and in business) they don’t reach ten times the value of what you paid for them, we will buy them back for double

If I’m right then I hope in ten years you will want to give me a kiss too!