1xRandom Serial Number Victoria Cleland Last Of The £10 Paper Banknotes Crisp EC

Regular price £29.95

One Random £10 Note (Paper not Polymer)

Price is per note/each

Polymer £10 notes come into circulation in 2017 so it's your last chance for the paper £10 notes

You will get a random serial number, however the note will be I excellent condition

Chief Cashire - Victoria Cleland

Any questions please get in touch

The photograph is a generic one I have used for another listing, because I'm offering a certain amount available it is not possible to upload a photograph of each individual note. They will definitely not match the serial number in my photograph, please be aware of that.

Consecutive/Sequential Serial Numbers: If you buy more than one and you would prefer consecutive numbers please let me know

Now the time to get one and put it away for your grandchildren

Truly Collectable