£2 coin VGC Revised Britannia Writing Upside Down Rotation Error 15 Degrees

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Queen Elizabeth 2nd (Britannia)
Britannia £2 Coins with rotational errors of approximately 15 degrees with upside down writing
(Regardless of whether writing is correct way up or upside down is not in itself an error, they are made aprox 50/50)
Circulated and in very good condition
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants now discontinued and replaced in 2015 by the latest and revised Britannia, this is the listing for the Britannia coins
£2 Coins (with the writing (where applicable) around the edge upside down. The correct way up means you look at the coin with the queens head facing up, you can read the writing around the edge. If the writing is upside down, then that is not the correct way up)
Price is per coin