£5 Note 19 Note Straight Serial Number Run Chris Salmon 2011-2014 Mint Uncircula

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Queen Elizabeth 2nd

£5 Notes

19x £5 Note Serial Number Run

MA90 254726 - MA90 254744 Consecutive

These are genuine Bank Of England brand new and uncirculated £5 notes

I do not deal in copies or fakes of any kind

Chief Cashire signatory - Chris Salmon

Now that the Bank of England is changing our £5 notes to polymer, the odds of finding a serial number run like this in brand new and uncirculated condition for the paper £5 note is staggeringly high. This could well be your last chance to have something like this in your collection. There is not another listing like this (apart from an 11 number run I have in another listing) anywhere on the Internet.

Absolutely Mint Condition

As always I fully guarantee these with a full money back guarantee

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