2018 Canada 250 Dollars Gold Coin A Crown Jewel 17 Genuine Rubies Tudor Rose Tiara

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A Crown Jewel
Canada 250 Dollar Gold and Ruby Coin
Only 175 Made
  • A unique keepsake to cherish the individuality of Canada’s beloved queen
  • Features 17 genuine rubies and selectively plated platinum to recreate one of the Tudor roses on the Burmese tiara with breathtaking effect
The ruby’s protective powers made it a highly symbolic wedding gift from the Burmese people that have stood The Queen in good stead as she has served the Commonwealth longer than any of her predecessors. For Canada, no other royal relationship has been as rich and enduring, inspiring more respect and affection with every passing year. To this day, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II embodies traditions that date back over a thousand years, yet she has also shone as a luminary through periods of unprecedented change.
Face Value: 250 Dollars
Metal: Gold
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 60,080
Diameter (mm): 38,00
Finish: Proof
Mintage Figure: 175
Delivery: Aproximately 14 working days