Advance & Pre Order For The 2002 Northern Ireland £2 Genuine Coin

Advance & Pre Order For The 2002 Northern Ireland £2 Genuine Coin

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Northern Ireland £2 Coin

This is for advanced orders only, it is for a 100% genuine coin - we do not sell or abide with fakes.

We have now decided to add this to our collection.

The waiting time is quoted at a maximum of 12 months. This is because at the time of writing this listing we already have several orders to fulfill along with other coins we are searching for and we need to be realistic on what we can find and when.

Please do not buy if you want it straight away, this is a trust thing and is on a first come first served basis only. You pay us in advance, we use your money and turn it over again and again and again. You gain with a cheap original Northern Ireland £2 coin and we gain by having access to liquid capital to keep turning over checking through more and more change.

These sell on eBay for £50 upwards already, you get it cheaper but you have to wait. Why? Simply because we search through thousands of coins every week, the general consensus is around 450,000 went into circulation. We are not greedy, if you pay us in advance you get them cheaper, once we find them we send them. You are free to pre order as many as you like.

They will be sent in order of purchase, first come first served is the fairest way. Those that have history with us know we run a straight ship

IF you don't have the Mintage guides your probably losing money or paying too much, search for a Mintage Guide today


Please note If you want to cancel your order before the coins hit general circulation you will not be refunded, instead your rewards account will be credited to the full value of the coins in points.