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£45 In Change Worth Over £1,400 

This is my copywrite, written solely by me. There are aproximately 80 coins in the list/guide. If you took one of each coin, it would add up to aproximately £45.15. If you then sold those coins at today's prices, you would get back aproximately £1,439. If you put those coins away in a drawer for ten or twenty years then you could probably treble that and more, in some cases you could achieve 50 times your spend which is better than any bank or building society could offer you.

To be perfectly clear, your buying a guide that tells you which coins to look out for, that you can put away in a safe place for your future. No coins come with the guide, your just buying the guide.

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1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 £2 

Absolutely Real Guide

Now until I get them back from the printer, these will be printed on an A4 from my computer and sent through the post

As always there is a money back guarantee so you the buyer just cannot lose.