Ian's Coin Price Guide How Anyone Can Make Money Buying & Selling Generic Coins

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Ian's Coin Price Guide

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My own personal price guide on how I price the majority of coins I sell, anyone can do it, no knowledge needed. Without a shred of knowledge you can use my guide to make money buying and selling coins on the Internet, car boot, shop or anywhere else

We are not talking rare and expensive coins, my guide helps the novice, the beginner, who has not got a clue where to start. If you have a load of holiday money, or a box full of coins left to you by your grandad, or if you just want to buy a wholesale box of mixed coins and start from there, this guide is for you. If you are an experienced Numismatist, I wouldn't say it's for you, but who knows, you might learn something.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, if for any reason whatsoever you are not happy I will refund you no question or fuss

It's simple, easy reading and in a format you can easily understand

I guarantee you'll be pleased you bought this or I'll give your money back. With such a guarantee can you afford not to buy it?

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The copywrite is mine and mine alone, I've written this guide based on my own personal experience.