Is Your Rare 50p Coin Kew Gardens Pagoda Real Or Fake - This Guide Tells You

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Is Your Kew Gardens 50p Coin Real Or Fake?
Now there's a question!
Simply put if you can spot the difference in the real and fake in my photograph then you don't need this guide. If you know the difference anyway without looking at my pics then again, you don't need this guide.
Are you 100% sure that the Kew Gardens 50p coin(s) you own are real? If your anywhere from 1% to 99% sure, then you need this guide. It will make you an expert in 10 minutes or I'll give you your money back, if your not happy don't leave a bad comment just ask me in a message for a refund
If you don't own a Kew Gardens 50p coin but are going to buy one or are thinking of buying one, you need this guide and if you are a seller of them, I think you need this guide, especially if at the moment you can't tell the difference.
Look at the photograph's in this listing in detail, zoom in and have a good look and see if you can spot the difference. I've made it really easy for you to put you off buying by giving you the answer, the real one is in the middle and the fake one's are at each end. The question is, even though you know which one is real, can you tell just by looking at the pics, what the difference is and see why it's different from the other two. Now if you look at the pics and can't see the difference, then I humbly suggest you need our guide.
It's easy to read, its easy to understand and after just 10 minutes you should easily be able to distinguish the difference, so much so that if anyone gave you a Kew Gardens 50p you would be able to tell them if it's a fake or a real one. No matter how old you are or how inexperienced you might be, I guarantee you will know.