Listing To Sue The Royal Mint For Unfair Business Practices

Regular price £25.00

We have talked for a long time regarding suing the Royal Mint and so this is the specific listing we have decided to use.

All money received will go into a separate savings account and I will regularly keep you updated as to how much is in there and what’s happening. 


THE OFFER IS 3 times your money on a successful outcome of us winning. If we win then we will get a large payout which we will share by giving everyone that joined in 3 times what they invested. So if you put in £100 then you will get £300 back and so on. 

If we lose, we will still give you 3 times what you paid but we will give it to you in points not money. The reason we will give you points is because if we lose then we will be a bit skint so paying the return in points will be the only option. Of course none of us believe that we will lose however we must always build in a safety net.

if no one buys this it will tell me not to proceed.

We have decided to do this completely separate from any investment as we believe it would be wrong to use ordinary investment money for this.

It is priced at £25 and you can buy as many as you like, this makes it possible for anyone to join in.

We believe if we win we will be able to obtain lower prices which will mean cheaper products for you so it benefits all of us.

There is no time limit on this. Once 10k has been received we will then instruct solicitors to start the action.

Legal Action Video Update 28th May 2019