Representation of the People Act 1918 50p Suffragette Womens Vote Advance Order

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Representation of the People Act 1918 

2018 50p Coin

This is an advance order. We have no idea what actual date these will be released into circulation, however most of you know us now and know as soon as we get them we will send them. We will also update you regularly.

We send out updates and special vouchers weekly so if your not getting the updates there are only two reasons for this, one is that they are going to your spam or junk folder and the other is you might have unsubscribed.

Uncirculated - Best quality we get from a mint sealed bag

Circulated - likely to be from mixed change so will take longer

Cheap and Cheerful - You could be lucky but usually its the worst in the box

Bag of 20 Uncirculated - They will be brand new and uncirculated but not always a sealed bag, this is because sometimes they mix others in with them and we open them to send you an exact quantity.

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We think the mintage will be around the 2-3 million

As usual we don’t know when it will be, we just know it’s coming, you get them at this great price because you pay first and wait for delivery. We guarantee the delivery even if it turns out to be a rare one. Just remember we wait for them to be released to the Banks and Post Offices.

We send out updates regularly and the moment we receive them you’ll be the first to know. 

If for any reason your not getting our updates already, or you don’t get an update within a fortnight of buying from us, then they are either going to your junk/spam folder or you already unsubscribed. The link below will link you to all the previous updates and also gives you a sign up link (in case you unsubscribed but now want the updates)

Please note If a refund is requested before the coin has been released we will subtract £1 per order or 5% which ever is the greater.