Signed 50p Mintage Rare Coin Guide Kew Gardens Olympic Football Aquatics Judo

Signed 50p Mintage Rare Coin Guide Kew Gardens Olympic Football Aquatics Judo

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The Great British Coin Hunt's

50p Real Mintage Figures Guide

Signed and Numbered 1-250 1st Edition & Personalised to any name you like. Money from this goes to a good cause. Only 250 of the first edition are to be signed and numbered and personalised. This makes a great stocking filler for a collector.


Are you as sick as me of people quoting "3rd rarest after Kew Gardens" or "The Next Kew Gardens" or "5th rarest after Kew Gardens" and more 'bumf' besides? You go looking through coins available for sale but how do you know who is telling the truth and who is just trying to con you? Isn't it about time you really knew what's what in an easy to understand format? Now you can. Did you know the Kew Gardens 50p is not the rarest 50p coin? Well it's not!

This guide is in printed format and sent via Royal Mail

Everything in my guide is freely available on the Royal Mint web site, except they don't make it easily understandable. At present my guide covers 75 different 50p coins up to and including the 2015 4th Portrait Shield. I have numbered them from 1 to 75, in order of their Mintage figures, so number 1 is the absolute rarest and number 75 is the least rarest. Once the information becomes available I will update my guide with the 2015 5th Portrait and beyond.

With my guide you can absolutely know which 50p coins are rare and which are not. I've taken the time to write this guide because I am constantly being asked by my customers which is which and who they can believe. My guide is cast iron guaranteed and backed up by the freely available information on the Royal Mint web site, so you can easily cross reference it with the figures they give.

Armed with my guide, you'll never be conned again!

My guide is my work (reformatting the freely available information) and cannot be re sold, no resale rights are given with the sale.